The main events run by the Luminary Roleplay Society are LARPs that last for a single three to five hour session, typically on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  These one-shot LARPs are meant to be easily accessible without players needing to keep track of a recurrent campaign.  Most (but not all) games will have game-master written characters distributed several days before the game.  Most LARPs use systems from either the MIT Assassin’s Guild or the Stanford Gaming Society. Costuming is strongly encouraged, but never required.

Below are examples of some of the LARPs written by the LRS founders that have been run in the past, and may be run again depending on interest.  New LARPs get written each year, and we hope you will join us at one of our events.

  • Collision at Corazon — It is 2750, and humanity has spread out amongst the stars.  At first the colonization of the Milky Way was a uniting force for the fractious children of Earth, but the peace was not to last.  An ideological divide sundered humanity: on one side, the utopian Solarian Union, which encompasses the fertile worlds close to the galactic core; on the other, the ruggedly individualistic Coalition of Outer Worlds, a loose association of colonies scattered along the desolate arm of the galaxy.
  • Reality Check-in — The Hotel Virtuoso is the flagship hotel for the most successful hotel chain on the continent.  Tonight, it will serve as host to one of the most talked-about weddings of the year. Unfortunately, very little is going as planned. The wedding party finds themselves inexplicably trapped and forced to go to great lengths to see to it that the religious ceremony proceeds as intended.
  • Conflux — It is the year 2650 CE, and the Earth is in shambles. The remnants of humanity are banding together in the Alliance of Nations as powerful elementals engage in internecine warfare.  It has taken a hundred years of adaptation and experimentation, but humans may finally possess technology that could tip the balance between the elemental factions.
  • Dungeons and Delegates — The human armies are marching to invade the lands of the mighty monster kingdoms.  Combined, the goblins, dragons, trolls, and so on are more than a match for the human army — and the mighty black dragon Onyx convenes the warleader’s of the disparate monster factions in an attempt to convince them to unite against their common foe.
  • Neptune’s Ball — King Triton wishes to personally extend an invitation to you on this most auspicious New Years Eve. You are invited to attend the Neptune Ball, the most exclusive, and grandest ball in all of Atlantica. There will be dancing, refreshments, and a grand banquet, with all of the finery the palace has to offer.
  • Republic of Kallipolis — Shortly after the death of Plato, a group of seven great ships set sail from the western-most fringe of the ancient Greek empire. At their head was the philosopher-king Apostolis who was trained directly by Plato himself. The goal of Apostolis’ expedition was to found a beautiful city directly modeled after the teachings of Plato as written in his greatest work, The Republic. Three months later, they landed on a large island and founded Kallipolis, a powerful city that closely follows the template laid out by Plato and, despite numerous hardships, continues to thrive one thousand years later.
  • Court of Masks — In the untamed wilds between Dream and Nightmare, deep in the Forest of Lies, the Court of Masks broods like an unspoken dread.  Once renowned for its dark grandeur, its sorcery and intrigue, and most of all for its masked revels, the court is now cut off from the world.  Whatever madness, desperation, or bravado brought you here to its ruined gates, you are at last prepared to take the final step and plunge into the unknown.  Will you find what you seek, or succumb to whatever fate befell all who have come before you?  Step over the threshold, and find out.
  • A Night in Veilgarden — Take a look around you.  Tell me what you see.  A handful of London’s more luminous personalities, gathered to celebrate the successful premiere of a new comic opera?  A collection of benign artists and harmless social climbers?  A frivolous little soiree, to give everyone an escape from the daily dangers of the Neath?  A Night in Veilgarden promises to be a night of intrigue and a lot of casual murder. (But death is not always permanent in Fallen London…)
  • Particle Panic Perfect! — The Very Large Hadron Supercollider is the world’s latest, most powerful, and most innovative physics research center, attached to the University of Sagamihara, one of the world’s most prominent research universities.  After several months of successful operation, the President of the University has requested a tour of the VLHSC, to see firsthand the exciting research being done by his Physics department.  As the physicists at the facility have absolutely nothing to hide, they of course immediately granted his request, and the President and a few select donors have come to witness the cutting-edge tools in action.  It is extremely unlikely that anything out of the ordinary will occur on such a routine occasion.
  • Pandora’s Tears — It is said that when the bards tell of paradise, they are really only describing a pale reflection of Sunleth.  Protected by strong walls and stronger wards, the fabled city is a place free from all the miseries and wants of the rest of the world.  Sunleth’s perfection is made possible by the bountiful flow of magic from the Elpistone, a crystalline structure which is almost certainly the most prodigious font of magic in the world.  The citizens of the city live in perfect contentment, every desire supplied at a moment’s notice.  All of that changed one fateful night, when the Elpistone abruptly ceased to produce magic.
  • Reunion at Katmeers — Can you believe it’s been ten years already?  Come join the rest of your friends from Katmeers Class of 2002 for an evening of catching up with all the news and swapping stories of what you’ve been up to since graduation.  Come early to see an exciting Quidditch match between House Faron and House Lanayru, stay to mingle at a casual gathering with light refreshments and cocktails in the newly renovated Great Hall, and finally head home on a special late night run of the Katmeers Express.  Don’t miss out; register today!
  • Mutually Assured Revelations — People of Earth, my name is Loremaster Lilith of the celestials. I know you are all confused, but be assured that despite the tense circumstances under which you were brought on board the celestials have the best interests of humankind at heart. This vessel, the Ark, is on its way to the planet Eridanus VII where together we will build a new home and prepare you to participate in intergalactic civilization. In time we will teach you to navigate the careful balance that keeps our galaxy at peace. I know these are trying times — my beloved human disciple has been murdered and Maintainer Uriel has failed to sustain the Ark’s systems. But in a few moments we will arrive at your new home where with our assistance all the troubles of humanity’s checkered past will be washed away as you work towards a new beginning. Now please return to your habitats while we make final preparations for landing.
  • With Family Like This — This game is a drama set in a world where superheroes and supervillains vie for control of the streets of cities across the world cities.  You have all been called together by the matriarch of your family, a renowned supervillain, for some kind of special announcement.  This is the first time the entire family has gathered in years, and there is much to discuss…
  • Sorrows of Winter — This game is a character design workshop and short game inspired by Changeling the Lost. Players play as characters attending the annual Winter Market. Against the backdrop of court politics, socializing, and shopping, Sorrow manifests in a variety of ways – impacting the lives of the characters. The details of how and why are under the control of the players.
  • The Fractured Mountains — This is a game played while hiking. In the peaks of the Fractured Mountains, resided an ancient dragon, Zodinoss. Zodinoss presided over the surrounding areas for millenia and was a welcome leader and protector. Alas, she has not been seen for the last six weeks!

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