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The Luminary Roleplay Society (LRS) is a community of roleplaying enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We seek to use Live Action Roleplaying games (LARPs) as a tool to allow players and writers to explore improvisational roleplaying, story writing, characters, emotions, and new experiences.

The LRS hosts LARPs and LARP writing workshops at local conventions and other venues.  We are interested in collaborating with other roleplaying groups across the Bay Area and beyond in achieving these goals.

If you are interested in joining the LRS, send a request email to the address below and we will get in contact with you. In the email, please let us know who you are, where you heard about our organization, and whether you have LARPed with us before (at an LRS event or otherwise).

If you’d like help with running an event, please fill out the LARP request form HERE

Upcoming Events (send us an email for more info including specific location): 

The LRS also has a Zoom account and has access to full google workspace accounts (IE unlimited length google hangouts) – if having access to either of these (or some other resource!) will help you run online LARPs, please let us know and we will see how we can help! 

Note that sending us an email and getting on our mailing list will provide the most up to date info. See also, the CALENDAR. Websites do not always get updated in the most timely manner.

2/24/2024 – Wrestlemageddon – details to come.
Location: Burlingame

3/9/2024 – The Archive – details to come
Location: Oakland

4/14/2024 – Pixie Perfect – details to come
Location: Oakland

6/15/2024A Night in Veilgarden – details to come
Location: TBD, likely South Bay

7/20/2024 – LARP Festival – Come and play (or run) lots of small LARPs in one day! This event is good for exploring new game styles.
Location: Mountain View

8/2024 – LARP COR – details to come. Will be online this year.

9/2024 – Game TBD – There will be a LARP, details being finalized

10/2-10/4/2024 – Children of the Gods East Coast (Grand LARP, multiple days, payment required) –

Welcome to the world of Cengea. The Gods have gifted the people with magic, but at a cost – the ravages of magical devastation roaming across the land once every 3 years. Only a chosen few students can manipulate the path of these magical Storms. Until recently, a treaty ensured a tenuous peace. The three nations agreed that the Storm should hit each nation in turn, sharing the devastating burden. Although the Storms always took their toll, no one nation suffered too greatly. That all changed when the treaty was broken, and a nation betrayed. Although their engineers and diplomats struggle to repair what was lost, the work won’t be complete by the next Time of Deciding.

Our story begins at the center of the known world. Here at the College of the Gods, students are trained in the rituals necessary to change the path of the Storm. Instructors maintain the veneer of impartiality, but in reality, each fights for their own nation’s interests to varying degrees, all vying for control of the magical disaster. And the powers that be watch, in the form of political advisors, there to ensure it all goes to plan, though whose plan is up to debate. But despite their efforts, no nation has the complete picture – and new interests conspire to change the fate of the world. Where the magic will ravage next – and what consequences it will have – are for you to decide.

See game specific website for details.
Location: Connecticut

11/2024 – Grand LARP – yes, there is still a plan to have a west coast grand larp! Check back later for details.

(note: for specific locations, please send us an email. Precise locations are not listed here since we sometimes run at private residences people offer up for our use and we’d like to keep those generous people’s addresses private rather than share with the whole internet)

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